The Tyrone Raid (Tongue in Cheek)

            On Monday evening a number of the members of Oliver B. Smith Post No. 183 and the Relief Corps, with one or two civilians made a raid into Tyrone.  They encountered no resistance until they came to Ft. Doherty about six miles distant which was found to be strongly garrisoned and provisioned for a siege.  The commander however capitulated when he saw the strength of the attacking party and after corralling the stock the advance guard closely followed by the main-body of the storming party, entered the quarters.  Here the garrison were (sic) seen to be engaged in the commissary department and the whole command were (sic) soon at mess to which they did ample justice.

            As soon as rations had been served and the garrison had performed the necessary fatigue duty, the occasion was enlivened by the music both instrumental and vocal while those who felt inclined indulged, in an impromptu dance.  Of course there were instances of individual gallantry which should be mentioned.  The Post Quartermaster naturally felt interested in the supply department and stood guard over a captured sauer kraut barrel.  In the charge up on the garrison stores Comrade Evans, Comrade Case, Comrade Patten formerly of the Le Sueur Tigers No. 1 and Comrade Carson did splendid duty and deserve a medal for gallantry.  Later in the evening Comrade Evans displayed signs of cowardice, but in view of his bravery during the charge upon the commissary, it was over looked.

            In spite of their heroic conduct however the invaders were at length compelled to retreat which they did in good order under cover of moonlight leaving the besieged in full possession of the fort, while they returned to their own quarters in this city.  There were as far as heard from no causalities and at sick call the following morning the surgeon report all fit for active duty.  It should not be forgotten that the few civilians of the party behaved with great coolness and equal gallantry with the veterans while the ladies of the corps were ready as usual to perform their part.  Before the invaders withdrew they passed resolutions of respect to Commander James Doherty and wife of the fort and to their able and handsome garrison for the admirable tact and skill with which they received the assault and for their splendid preparations for withstanding a siege.

            It is rumored that one or two of this assaulting column are to be court-martialed for foraging without orders and for failure to halt when retreating but of that anon.  It is sufficient to state at this time that the raid was planned with skill and executed with spirit.  The country covered by the expedition was in the garden of the Minnesota valley and the foraging excellent.  When next a raid is undertaken it will be done with a larger column and an endeavor will be made to hold all that they get which the column that invaded Tyrone, were unable to do.


Le Sueur Sentinel, November 18, 1897

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