From:  Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars, 1861-1865

Prepared and published under the Supervision of the Board of Commissioners

Appointed by the Act of the Legislature of Minnesota of April 16, 1889.

St. Paul, Minn.:  by the Pioneer Press Company, 1891; (pages 767-8, 770)

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Roster of the Le Sueur Tigers, No. 1, under command of Captain William Dellaughter.
Organized Aug. 19, 1862, and served until Aug. 27, 1862.
Were in the Battle of New Ulm, Aug. 23, 1862


Rank Remarks
William Dellaughter Captain
A. M. Edwards 1st Lieutenant Killed;  bullet through head
Jacob Frank 2d Lieutenant
Charles Scheffler Orderly
Isaac Allen 1st Sergeant
Hollman Morrill 2d Sergeant
Benjamin Birdsall 3d Sergeant
Stowbeck 4th Sergeant
James Folant 1st Corporal
George Hunt 2d Corporal
Judson Cogswell 3d Corporal
Benj. Cosby 4th Corporal
Henry Birdenthal 5th Corporal
Henry Cramour 6th Corporal
C. P. Nason 7th Corporal
Sebastian Groshaus 8th Corporal
Butman, L. G. Private
Birdsall, Jesse Private
Burch, Perry Private
Bangs, A. W. Private
Butteauz, Ferdinand Private
Burgers, N. S. Private
Cottingham, Niles Private
Coggswell, Norman Private
Carpenter, S. B. Private
Crary, O. M. Private
Cosly, Benj. Private
Cook, Geo Private
Case, Warren Private
Dane, C. A. Private
Davis, S. W. Private
Davis, E. A. Private
Davis, Henry Private
Dunnin, William Private
Diescher, T. Private
Davis, E. M. Private
Doescher, A. L. Private
Foland, Edward Private
Fischer, B. F. Private
Farrar, Charles W. Private
Freeman, George Private
Gazzel, A. J. Private
Gershaw, D. Private
Hannie, Christian Private
Husbig, Jacob Private
Hughes, C. A. Private
Heinker, John Private
Hinze, Herman Private
Hemingway, M. S. Private
Hodges, S. L. Private
Heschelrath, Nicholas Private
Harris, James Private
Herslay, Benj. Private
Hanrahan, S. Private
Ilett, John Jr. Private
Ilett, John Sr. Private
Kligel, Chas. Private
Leiber, John L. Private
Lelone, Anthony Private
Losky, William Private Killed.
Miles, Samuel Private
Miles, John Private
Miles, Pharaoh Private
Merrill, Clark Private
McKey, Thomas H. Private
Munron, H. Private
Myrick, C. G. Private
Oehler, Joseph Private
Peck, A. R. Private
Pettes, Alexander Private
Plowman, Henry Private
Paul, J. C. Private
Pinney, C. N. Private
Patten, William Private
Redfield, Orrin Private
Rany, J. M. Private
Sherwood, Joseph Private
Smith, E. R. Private
Stowbeck, A. Private
Smith, John Private Wounded in the arm.
Smith, Geo. R. Private
Shamle, Ncholas Private
Smithson, Luke Private Wounded and died
Smith, John R. Private
Tappe, John Private
Tourley Ross Private
Thurston, John Private
Travis, Wm. R. Private
Weyl, William Private
Williams, J. N. Private
Waterman, William Private
Zimmerman, Jacob Private
Roster of Le Sueur Tigers, No. 2, under command of Captain E. C. Saunders.
Organized Aug. 20, 1862, and served until Aug. 27, 1862.
Were in the Battle of New Ulm, Aug. 23, 1862


Rank Remarks
E. C. Saunders Captain Severely wounded.
Geo. W. Stewart 1st Lieutenant
Geo. Plowman 2d Lieutenant
J. B. Swan 1st Sergeant
O. B. Smith 2d Sergeant
John A. Pfarr 3d Sergeant
H. W. Mendenhall 4th Sergeant
Wm. Maloney 5th Sergeant Killed.
James Doherty 1st Corporal
Henry Kinsey 2d Corporal
J. Reed 3d Corporal
Thomas Hazzard 4th Corporal Slight hip wound.
E. T. Jones 5th Corporal
A. Horrisberger 6th Corporal
M. M. Hynson 7th Corporal
W. H. Hazzard 8th Corporal
Aherin, M. Private Killed.
Andrews, W. Private
Bergen, C. Private
Burns, D. Private
Crosby, L. Private
Coffee, J. Private
Dougherty, S. Private
Fowler, Thomas Private
Gordon, A. Private
Herrick, Seth Private
Hetherstone, M. Private
Harrisberger, P. Private
Iten, J. Private
Imhoff, D. Private
Kulp, W. Private Killed.
Kleak, P. Private
Lindermann, F. W. Private
Lienhart, C. Private
Lamm, George Private
Murrey, Wm. Private
McKee, J. Private
Mayderoz Private
Noys, J. Private
Pfeiffer, A. Private
Paul, C. A. Private
Reagan, H. Private
Roman, C. Private
Sunderman, H. Private
Saunders, A. J. Private
Smith, C. Private
Stauff, Pete Private
Schuell, W. Private
Thomas, A. Private
Wise, S. J. Private
Wilson, S. Private
Wise, J. A. Private

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