Addicted to genealogy

Diagnostic Quiz

Addicted to genealogy

When you are in a different city do you look through the phone book to find people that have the same surname as on of your ancestors?

Do you get excited when you drive by a cemetery?

Do you talk about your deceased ancestors as though they were still alive?

Does your librarian or the person that works at the archives know your whole life story?

Do you check the obituaries daily?

Does your partner call the library to see when you are coming home?

Do you spend your vacation tracking down ancestors in county courthouses?

Do you keep pictures of tombstones or long deceased ancestors in your wallet?

Instead of an emergency kit in your car you have a research kit.

Does your boss call the library or archives to see when you will be coming back from your lunch break?

Addicted to genealogy

Answering yes to one or more of these questions may indicate a serious addiction.  Unfortunately, there is no known cure.

Author Unknown

(The original website that hosted this quiz no longer exists.)

Addicted to genealogy


The following indicators of trouble were found at Hales Roots:

The Top Ten Indicators That You're Addicted to Genealogy - by Mary Harris


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The following poem was stolen from the Dead Persons' Society webpage:

I climbed my family tree

I climbed my family tree and found it was not worth the climb;
And so, I scampered down, convinced it was a waste of time.
Some branches of my tree, I found, were rotten to the core.
And, all the tree was full of sap and hung with nuts galore!
I used to brag of my kinfolk, before I made the climb,
but truth compels me not to tell of those not worth a dime.
And I beg friends who boast aloud of their ancestors great,
To climb their family tree and learn of those who weren't so straight.
I've learned what family trees are like, I've seen them growing 'round.
They're like a 'tater' vine because, the best are underground!

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